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Hermes lead time for worm wheels now reduced to only 2 weeks in Greater China!Due to the particularity of Bonded Abrasives (customer-made), the challenge of quick delivery time has always been one of our main focuses to satisfy our customers. This has always been a challenge in China so far, because Hermes, since its foundation in 1927 has always been producing and profiling all Bonded Abrasives in Germany. This just changed! In order to significantly improve our lead-time for delivering customer-made worm wheels, Hermes China is now able to profile worm wheels in Shanghai. By using different diamond discs, we can make precision profiling on worm wheels with different modules, pressure angles and start points. This is now significantly improving the delivery time of Hermes worm wheels, reduced from previous 10 weeks to 2 weeks!While sustaining Hermes excellent quality standards which made our reputation in the world, we can now even better meet the developing demands of our current and new customers in transmission market. Are you interested to know more about this lead time improvement for your company? 



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