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Hermes abrasives the focus at EuroBLECH 2016

Hermes acquired a great many new contacts at EuroBLECH 2016 in Hannover at the end of October. At the International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition, which ran from 25th to 29th October, we showed customers and interested parties from all over the world our extensive product range for machining stainless steel sheets, coils and panels, as well as our range of services from the Hermes Abrasive Institute.

“We are delighted about the high level of interest in our abrasives”, says Managing Director, Dr. Jan Cord Becker. “As well as a large number of constructive meetings with existing customers, we also acquired a lot of new contacts, especially with overseas metalworking companies, and sent many of them on their way with helpful product suggestions for all aspects of their grinding processes. Around 60 % of meetings were conducted with potential new customers.”

It was also important for Hermes to exchange information with grinding machine manufacturers. A perfect marriage between grinding machine and abrasive is absolutely essential to generate a high-quality grinding pattern with particularly long tool lives. Hermes’ individual customer solutions have enabled the company to achieve significant successes in the past. 

New for finishing stainless steel surfaces: MERCURIT BW 590

A new Hermes product for surface-grinding coil and single rolled sheet metal met with particular interest from the numerous trade visitors. The MERCURIT BW 590 agglomerate grinding belt with aluminum oxide grain on a paper backing makes a convincing long-life tool on stationary longitudinal and wide belt grinders, with its extremely long service life, stable paper backing and highly homogeneous grinding pattern qualities which remain consistent right to the end of tool life.

Hermes cork grinding belts also attracted a great deal of attention. These special grinding belts allow imitation of the so-called “brushed finish”. The much higher material feed rates they facilitate significantly increase the economy of our customers’ grinding processes.

Hermes showed other interesting metalworking products with the CR 116, CR 456 Z and CN 466 Z high-performance ceramic grain grinding belts from the CERAMIT family of products. Their strengths are especially apparent in the coarse and finish grinding of coil, single rolled sheet and thick sheet stainless and high-alloy steels. Stock removal rates at high machining speeds and moderate to high grinding pressures are especially outstanding.

“EuroBLECH showed very clearly that the performance of our abrasives offers key benefits in metalworking”, summarizes Dr.-Ing. Jan Cord Becker. “Our innovative products put us on the right track.”

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