Fine & Soft

Foam-laminated and velour-backed net abrasives
FineNet FN 915

Especially designed for lacquer sanding on high-end workpieces

Preparing surfaces for painting or polishing is one of the most demanding abrasive tasks in the automotive and furniture industries. The abrasive products required for this process have to adapt extremely well to the contours of the workpiece and be highly versatile – whilst their quality must be of the highest order.

The FineNet FN 915 foam-laminated and velour-backed abrasives especially developed by Hermes not only easily meets these requirements, but are also highly economical.


Product benefits you will appreciate

  • Abrasive adapts perfectly to contours and very tight radii
  • Minimal loading and the potential to clean the used abrasive results in extended tool life
  • Generates very fine surfaces with consistent surface roughness
  • Dust-free sanding with minimal rework on surfaces
  • Extremely versatile – wet and dry on random orbital sanders or with hand sanding
  • In dry sanding applications:

    • Dust can be extracted through the sanding disc 
    • Dust residues on the sanded surface are reduced because the foam layer absorbs dust

  • In wet sanding applications:

    • Foam layer "stores" water and allows a finely-metered supply of water for rinsing off and binding sanding residues

  • Pressure-equalizing foam layer facilitates "gentle" sanding and reduces the risk of sanding through surface coatings
  • Strong bond between the foam layer and the velour backing allows multiple abrasive changes


  • Preparation of bodywork parts for lacquering
  • Sanding of EC coatings and primers
  • Fine-sanding of varnishes
  • Fine-sanding of veneered workpieces before coating
  • Intermediate sanding of profiled workpieces
  • Fine-sanding of composite and gel coat
  • Fine-sanding of solid-surface material (e.g. Corian)

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