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Hermes China at CCMT 2018 - Transmission and Engine

Presenting our latest grinding solutions and improved lead time to a growing audience on the Chinese domestic market

From April 9 to 13, 2018, CCMT2018 took place in Shanghai Pudong New International EXPO Center. HERMES successfully presented the latest grinding solutions for engine and transmission applications as well as our portfolio of services (Hermes Abrasives Institute). During the exhibition, the HERMES team was honored to receive plenty of visitors at our booth, all showing very strong interest in our products and services.

Precision Grinding for Transmission & Engine

Hermes particulary emphasized our Precision Grinding for Transmission & Engine on CCMT 2018 while displaying among other products:

  • Hermes 2-layer-worm wheel combination
  • Hermes Carbon Fiber Body Wheel
  • Hermes CBNi Grinding Wheel
  • Hermes FB 637 Polishing Rolls

Moreover, Hermes is committed to provide our customers with a professional one-stop grinding and polishing solution for all automotive applications.

Hermes Solution for Crankshaft:
CBN Grinding wheel + FB 637 Polishing roll

Hermes Superabrasives which applied to the plunge external grinding can reach 200 m/s, at the same time, achieving a high material removal rate and avoiding generating too much heat on the surface. Compared with ordinary grinding wheel, the Super abrasives significantly improves its life time and reduces the cost.

Hermes FB 637 polishing roll is designed for the final polishing process, which has good resistance to tear and extrusion, and can also be used in oil or emulsion environment. This high-tech product ensures consistent application parameters throughout its life time, while maintaining surface roughness within a small tolerance range.  

Hermes CBNi Grinding wheel

Hermes set RFID chips into the body to permit communication between the abrasive tool and the machine. The chips have a read time of 0.02 to 0.03 s per 16 bytes and can be programmed individually. CBNi abrasive tools wirelessly transmit key data to make the grinding process more reliable and more efficient. At the same time, there are significant benefits for tool management, because each tool is clearly identifiable, and its history can be tracked.

Short lead time for Grinding worm wheels

Since end of 2017, Hermes China is profiling worms wheels in our Shanghai plant, which reduced lead time from 10 weeks to 2 weeks. This gives the best supply service to our customers, it is also helping them to reducing their own stock costs. This worm wheel profiling machine is the first Hermes production equipment which is installed out of Germany for Bonded Abrasives. It is clearly showing the importance of the Chinese market for the Hermes Group, as well as our strong ambition in the growing automotive transmission market.

We would like to thank warmly all our partners, distributors, customers and friends who made out of Hermes presentation at CCMT 2018 such a great success





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