Board Industry

" - Visit our new microsite for the full ProBoard product range for the board industry."

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New Product

"The new Hermes MultiNet abrasive shows what it can do wherever dust is to remain outside when sanding."

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"When it comes to removing slightly dusty materials, our "dust-free" MultiHole blade discs are the first choice."

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“Optimum adaptation to contours, "soft" sanding and very fine surface qualities – Hermes "Dust-Free" FineNet abrasives.”

Johann Unterwieser

New Product!

With up to 300% more power compared to conventional belts, the new CERAMIT CR 176 power belt shows its benefits when grinding thick metal sheets.

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New Product

With our new high-performance webrax-Fastcut, you can take "Fastcut" seriously.

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Bonded Abrasives

“Our CBN-coated crankshaft wheels do best where it really matters – at the radii of pins and journals.”

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Bonded Abrasives

“Attain outstanding performance with ease – Hermes CBN grinding wheels with glass fiber-reinforced plastic base bodies.”

Bettina Davids

Metal, Profile grinding

“In the truest sense of the word - Hermes profile grinding belts result in surfaces for a better life.”

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Metal, flat

“Our HERMESIT grinding belts are essential for a really special finish.”

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Metal, Tubes & Rods

“All-round glittering results with our MERCURIT high-performance abrasive belts.”

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Bonded Abrasives

“We set new standards in gear honing!”

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Metal, flat

“A combination of high performance and perfect surface quality - the new BW 590 MERCURIT grinding belts on a paper backing.”

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Bonded Abrasives

“To help the environment, we produce highly porous bonded abrasives using Hermes AP technology with no naphthalene.”

Michael Engers

New Product

Brilliance Film discs with film backing - Tear-resistant, flexible, perfect surfaces!

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