Quality: "Outstanding".

Hermes is the first European abrasives manufacturer to be awarded certification to DIN EN ISO 9001, including its research and development work, as long ago as 1993. A group certificate was added to this award in 1996.

In 2002, the quality management was expanded to include the environmental management (incorporating occupational health and safety) to form an integrated management system which is applicable all over the world.

Controlled quality has top priority in the company, meaning that Hermes can satisfy customer requirements in every respect..

Hermes Quality Certificates

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Safety first.

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Useful information on using abrasives safely can be found "Abrasives Safety".

It was set up by a group of experts from members of FEPAthe umbrella organization for European abrasives manufacturers.

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Hermes is a founder member of the "Organisation für die Sicherheit von Schleifwerkzeugen e.V."

“oSa” is an association of leading abrasives manufacturers who have undertaken to produce and test abrasives in line with European safety standards, among others.

For further information please look at www.osa-abrasives.org

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