Tradition has a future at Hermes.

Hermes Schleifmittel is a company in the true Hamburg tradition with roots going as far back as 1927. Hermes is not only one of the world's leading manufacturers of coated abrasives; since 1993, it has also had a key market position in precision bonded abrasives.

Hermes owes this market position to its insistence on absolute top quality. We feel an obligation to this tradition and it is our primary maxim for the future. This is an obligation which is the greatest possible motivation and to which we devote all our energies and commitment. Rooted in tradition, looking to the future.

Hermes maintains numerous production facilities and sales offices in all the main industrial and emerging nations of the world. This emphasizes Hermes' international commitment and its efforts to provide its customers with competent local consulting services.

Hermes Worldmap
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Hermes abrasives are used to make functional and aesthetically attractive surfaces in every conceivable sphere, including primarily the automotive industry and its suppliers, and the aviation, furniture and metalworking industries.

We work in close collaboration with the world's leading abrasive machine manufacturers to provide our customers with specific abrasive process solutions which are increasingly also used in the production of precision components in the electronics industry and in medical technology.

A selection of our sites

Hermes Germany - Headquarters Hamburg

Hamburg - also the gateway to the world of Hermes.

89 years on, what started as a cottage industry, in the truest sense of the word, in the middle of a field in 1927 and which, over the decades, has grown into the Hamburg suburb of Lurup, is now the headquarters of the Hermes Abrasives Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality abrasives.

The Hermes board manages the fortunes of the group from here and the site in Schenefeld about five kilometres away with approximately 250 staff and the central departments of Product Management, Marketing, Research & Development, Purchasing and Sales.

In addition to producing hi-tech abrasive grain - such as the coated carrier sphere HERMESIT, for example, or MERCURIT agglomerate grain or the CERAMIT ceramic grain, we also make our high-performance webrax Abrasive web at the Hamburg site. We have our own textile finishing plant for dressing cloth and stitch-bonded cloth backings for our flexible abrasives. This creates the conditions to enable our textile backings to adapt perfectly to the abrasive task in question.

Headquarters in Hamburg-Lurup
Production Center in Schenefeld near Hamburg

Hermes USA, Virginia Beach

Welcome to Hermes USA

Since its founding in 1970, the Hermes USA story has been one of continuous investment in and commitment to, a growing marketplace and customer base. As part of the group of affiliates with activities in North America, Europe, and Asia, Hermes is one of the world's leading suppliers of coated and bonded abrasives.

Officially incorporated in 1970

Originally marketed in North America as far back as 1957, Hermes Abrasives was officially incorporated in October 1970, in Long Island, New York. As significant sales participation levels were achieved, and to further respond to the growing industrial requirements in the United States marketplace, Hermes moved and expanded operations to its present site in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in 1981.

Cooperative partnership between Hermes Employees, Distributors and Customers

Domestically, our success hinges on a technically advanced product line sold into all areas of production requirements including metalworking, woodworking, glass, plastics, particleboard and plywood, and related industrial markets. In addition to developing and supplying the demand for Hermes products in the US, the Virginia facility supports North American activities through exports to Canada and Mexico. A commitment to continuous improvement in products, operations, and services is apparent in the cooperative partnership which exists between Hermes Employees, Distributors and Customers.

Hermes' manufacturing meets highest quality standards

To further demonstrate our intense desire to be an industry leader, our Manufacturing and Production Operations meet the highest quality standards of ISO 9001. This standard, in place throughout the Hermes Group, provides customers with the confirmation that they have chosen the right abrasive supplier and assurance that our continued dedication to quality will benefit them in future months and years.

We are very appreciative of the customers who have provided us with the opportunity and privilege to serve them over the years. We invite you to now explore how our complete line of coated and bonded abrasive products and programs may prove competitive for the ever changing Industrial Marketplace's requirements.

Plant Hermes USA, Virginia Beach (VA)

Hermes China

Welcome to Hermes China

Hermes Abrasives (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. was established in 2005. However Hermes Abrasives has a much longer history in China. Hermes established a representative office in Beijing in 1998. The day-to-day responsibility for this office came under the control of Hermes Abrasives Singapore.

As the years passed and sales expanded, it was decided to establish Hermes sales representation in Shanghai in 2002. A sales office was established to offer a better level of service to Hermes customers in this region of China.

As the business grew and demands to offer quicker service to expanding customer base became increased, in October 2004, Hermes Hamburg decided to open a new subsidiary in China.

Shanghai was chosen from among a number of suitable locations. Its central location within China, the increasing development of its infrastructure and its reputation as a “logistics hub” for the sale and distribution of products in China and North Asia were deciding factors in the choice. It was decided to establish the new company in Qingpu Industrial Zone, a very large industrial zone on the edge of Shanghai. The factory was officially opened on 10th June 2005. 

The market in China is an exciting opportunity for Hermes where a multitude of different abrasive applications allow Hermes to present our many abrasive finishing solutions. Of particular opportunity is the introduction of the Hermes Premium types in high level technical finishing applications. New grain types such as Ceramic and abrasive constructions such as “Hermesit” hollow ball and “Mercurit” agglomerate are now market leaders in such applications.

Hermes China core manufactured products are convertor rolls, narrow belts and wide belts in both single and segmented forms. We enjoy good success in a number of markets in China with most growth and future potential coming from the Stainless Steel  finishing in both sheet and tubes, Metal profile finishing, Timber Panel and Flooring, Aerospace, Automotive and Specialized Distributor markets.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist in meeting your finishing requirements

Picture Plant Hermes China, Shanghai
Plant Hermes China, Shanghai

Hermes in Europe

Map Hermes in Europe
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Hermes in North America

Map Hermes North America
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Hermes in Asia

Map Hermes in Asia
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