Hamburg - also the gateway to the world of Hermes.

89 years on, what started as a cottage industry, in the truest sense of the word, in the middle of a field in 1927 and which, over the decades, has grown into the Hamburg suburb of Lurup, is now the headquarters of the Hermes Abrasives Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality abrasives.

The Hermes board manages the fortunes of the group from here and the site in Schenefeld about five kilometres away with approximately 250 staff and the central departments of Product Management, Marketing, Research & Development, Purchasing and Sales.

In addition to producing hi-tech abrasive grain - such as the coated carrier sphere HERMESIT, for example, or MERCURIT agglomerate grain or the CERAMIT ceramic grain, we also make our high-performance webrax Abrasive web at the Hamburg site. We have our own textile finishing plant for dressing cloth and stitch-bonded cloth backings for our flexible abrasives. This creates the conditions to enable our textile backings to adapt perfectly to the abrasive task in question.

Headquarters in Hamburg-Lurup
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