We are the experts.

Experience from which you benefit.

It is a science all of its own, making an abrasive as high-performing as it is economical from different types of abrasive grain and backing, bonds and additional coatings with active ingredient - we have done nothing else for over 80 years.

We look really closely.

We use the latest measuring and analysis technology to examine every detail of the interaction of all abrasive components and parameters. These informative measured data are then in turn incorporated in the development of new abrasives or the continued development of existing ones to form the basis of their outstanding quality.

A service you will appreciate.

At the Hamburg Technical Centre, we not only test all our products exhaustively; an extensive park of abrasive machines also enables us to reproduce a large number of our customers' applications one to one. In addition, we run regular comprehensive abrasive technology seminars for our customers and, of course, also for all Hermes sales staff, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the abrasive properties of our products first-hand.

Our way to your new abrasives

Graph Product Development Coated Abrasives

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