New Power Grinding Belt with Ceramic Abrasive Grain

The Hermes CERAMIT® product family has been further expanded - the high-performance CERAMIT® CR 176!

The new product development, with additional top-size coating in the coarse grit sizes 40, 60 and 80, presents itself as a true "removal wonder" for the repair grinding of thick sheets. An up to 300% higher stock removal rate compared to conventional types speaks for itself.

These high-performance abrasive belts have been specially developed for heavy-duty processing of stainless steel and high-alloy steels. A stable paper backing ensures optimum carrier stability and abrasive additives ensure a low grinding temperature.

They not only convince with very long service life and extremely high grinding performance, but also with consistent surface quality over the entire service life. This makes this type a very economical alternative to the commercially available fabric abrasive belts. 

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Title picture Product Bulletin CERAMIT CR 176
Product Flyer CERAMIT CR 176
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