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Bild Auszubildende bei Hermes Schleifmittel!
Meldung (M)

Apprenticeship at Hermes top! Award confirmed!

In 2018, Hermes Abrasives will once again be one of the 10 best apprenticing companies in the chemical industry in Germany.

In a study conducted by the communications consultancy Faktenkontor on behalf of the magazines Focus and Focus Money, the trainee officers of the 20,000 companies with the highest number of employees from 93 sectors were surveyed and 745 of these were awarded prizes.

Prof. Dr. Werner Sarges, personnel diagnostician at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg, accompanied the study scientifically. The following five aspects with different weighting were considered:*

  1. Training success (24%)
  2. Structural data of training (24%)
  3. Training allowance (16%)
  4. Trainee ratio (20%)
  5. Additional offers for trainees (16%)

* Source: Press release Faktenkontor GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

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