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Three  topics - one mission: with SEAM even more sustainability in the abrasives industry 

As a founding member of SEAM (Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers), the sustainability program of the European Federation of Abrasive Manufacturers, FEPA, Hermes Abrasives has given a new importance to the topic of sustainability in the entire abrasives industry at the beginning of 2020. The same applies to Hermes Abrasives. The Hermes management team believes that sustainable business practices and responsible use of the resources that form the basis for this are crucial to the long-term success and future strength of the company.

As a certified SEAM member, Hermes will pay particular attention in the coming period to the implementation of the following goals in the three pillars of our sustainability strategy:


Further optimization of our resource, energy and waste management.

Social area

Improvement of individual working conditions and increased training and further education of employees.


Increased focus on innovative quality products and the optimization of our production processes.

"Like our partners in the European Abrasives Association, we take SEAM certification very seriously. By participating in this program, which is specifically geared to the requirements of our industry, we can work even more focused on the implementation of our sustainability goals," says Dr. Jan Cord Becker, managing partner of Hermes Schleifmittel GmbH. "Environmental protection and corporate responsibility have shaped Hermes' business policy for decades. And because we believe this is more important than ever today, SEAM is a very important strategic pillar of our daily work."

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