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Hermes Schleifmittel presents abrasive net MultiNet as a new part of its Dust-Free Product Set

With its new MultiNet net abrasives, Hermes Schleifmittel is expanding its product set for dust-free sanding with a further high-performance variant. Hermes offers tailor-made sanding solutions wherever dust is to remain outside during sanding and the surface quality must be perfect..

Together with the already established Hermes MultiHole VC 154-Longlife VEL and FineNet MN 915 VEL models, the new MultiNet MN 921 VEL sanding net disc forms a powerful and universally applicable product set for all sanding applications in which dust is to be kept out, so that the surface finish is right and healthy, efficient work is possible.

While the MultiNet type is designed entirely for dust-free grinding and offers excellent performance data, Hermes MultiHole products provide excellent material removal and the foam-laminated FineNet products offer extremely high adaptability to workpiece contours and "soft" grinding with very fine surface qualities. 

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