Knowing how – grinding profiles, curves, corners and edges

Bild Profilschliff ImplantatAn important machining method in many areas of the metalworking industry is belt-grinding workpieces of many different designs to shape. 

For these applications in particular, the flexible characteristics of the abrasive in belt-grinding, combined with an elastic backing element, result in significant benefits compared to grinding with bonded abrasives.

Such methods include hand-held belt grinding of turbine blades on the so-called belt-grinding wheel stand, semi-automatic belt-grinding to copy spanners and fully-automatic CNC belt-grinding using a 6-axis elbow-armed robot to shape implants made of titanium alloys or sanitary fittings made of brass.

Hermes provides solutions with abrasives of varying flexibility with type structures perfectly adapted to suit the materials for machining. 

Comparison of stock removal

Graphic Comparison of stock removal of Hermes J-flex cloth grinding belts
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Hermes flexibility classes

Flexibilitätsliste, englisch

Material suitability

Material suitability

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Brochure "Flexible grinding. Hermes range of grinding belts for grinding metal materials to shape." (PDF file, Size: 1.1 MB)