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A Great Success

The Hermes Technical Seminar in Shanghai 2017

“Technical Seminar - Modern Solutions for Belt Grinding of Profiled Metal Parts with Robot Technology” was successfully held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel and at Hermes Abrasives Factory in Shanghai on June 9th 2017. 

The aim of this seminar was to present Hermes’ modern belt grinding solutions, which is especially designed for robot grinding processes of profiled metal parts in variety of different markets. Meanwhile, Hermes invited experts from company Evolut (robot grinding cell producer) and Hilzinger-Thum (contact wheel and polishing wheel manufacturer), these guest speakers explained the latest technology of robot grinding and contact wheels as part of the belt grinding system.  

Experts from Hermes China and Hermes Germany gave very detailed information about belt grinding solutions for robot application and showed Hermes’ newly developed ceramic belt  - CERAMIT CR 476 J, which showed a competitive performance during the onsite demonstration.  

The onsite robot grinding test took place in the Hermes Abrasives TEC (Training and Engineering Center) room. Participants could see the final surface quality in grinding with the complete robot grinding and finishing process. Customers had shown their strong interest in Hermes’ modern grinding belts. Hermes showed as well how to achieve special finishes on workpieces with special finishing belts like cork belts and the non-woven web webrax belts MSG and AN 702. These belts are able to achieve a fine, matt or satin fine finish.   

Modern robots are a global trend on the way to automatization and digitalization.

“Modern robots are a global trend on the way to automatization and digitalization. This is also true for grinding and polishing processes! This seminar helped all participants to better understand the related challenges and solutions for their own applications. I was particularly happy to see participants from so many different markets: thanks to all customers who honored us with their presence.” said Mr. Antoine Desbordes, General Manager Greater China. 

“Hermes is always following market trends and set up trends in the technology of grinding processes. In this seminar we showed the customers how to tune a robot cell with the right set up regarding grinding belts and equipment. A grinding test with the robot cell shows a 50% shorter process time with the new developed high performance flexible grinding belt CERAMIT CR 476 J from Hermes, which contains Ceramic grain. The participants were very impressed of the result which gives high efficiency to the robot grinding process. ”said Wolfgang Heidtmann, Head of Business Development, Hermes Group Hamburg Germany.


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