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Hermes Schleifmittel is a company in the true Hamburg tradition with roots going as far back as 1927. Hermes is not only one of the world's leading manufacturers of coated abrasives; since 1993, it has also had a key market position in precision bonded abrasives.

Hermes owes this market position to its insistence on absolute top quality. We feel an obligation to this tradition and it is our primary maxim for the future. This is an obligation which is the greatest possible motivation and to which we devote all our energies and commitment. Rooted in tradition, looking to the future.

Hermes maintains numerous production facilities and sales offices in all the main industrial and emerging nations of the world. This emphasizes Hermes' international commitment and its efforts to provide its customers with competent local consulting services.

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Hermes abrasives are used to make functional and aesthetically attractive surfaces in every conceivable sphere, including primarily the automotive industry and its suppliers, and the aviation, furniture and metalworking industries.

We work in close collaboration with the world's leading abrasive machine manufacturers to provide our customers with specific abrasive process solutions which are increasingly also used in the production of precision components in the electronics industry and in medical technology.

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