New Power Grinding Belt with Ceramic Abrasive Grain

The Hermes CERAMIT® product family has been further expanded - the high-performance CERAMIT® CR 176!

With an additional top-size coating in the coarse grit sizes 40, 60 and 80, this new product development presents itself as a true "removal miracle" for the repair grinding of thick metal sheets. An up to 300% higher stock removal rate compared to conventional types speaks for itself.

At the same time, the CERAMIT® CR 176 is doubly convincing in the fine grain sizes 280, 320 and 400 in the optical finish of stainless steel coils and sheets: First with a significantly longer service life and second with consistently homogeneous surface qualities

The extremely tear-resistant paper backing guarantees stability for the high demands of power grinding and ensures consistent surface quality over the entire service life. In addition, belts with these backings are a very cost-effective alternative to the commonly available cloth abrasive belts.  

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[Translate to EN:] Titelbild Produktflyer CERAMIT CR 176
[Translate to EN:] Produktflyer "Wahre Power! Das neue Hermes Hochleistungsschleifband CERAMIT CR 176"
Title picture Product Bulletin CERAMIT CR 176
Product Flyer "Real Power! The new Hermes High-Performance Grinding Belt CERAMIT CR 176"
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