ProBoard® RB 374 42 Z
ProBoard® RB 374 92 ZZ

Two new wide belt types for sanding chipboard and fiberboard

With the two new wide belt types ProBoard® RB 374 42 Z and ProBoard® RB 374 92 ZZ, Hermes is expanding its product range for calibrating, intermediate and fine sanding chipboard and fiberboard. The former was optimized for use as an unsegmented wide belt up to 1,620 mm wide and the last one for use as a segmented wide belt up to 3,650 mm wide.

Both types are modified polyester cloth wide belts which are characterised by their stiff, low-stretch and very tear-resistant backing. This backing is particularly suitable for high sanding pressures and high transverse forces during oscillation.

The antistatic resin bond prevents premature clogging with abrasive dust and, in combination with the polyester backing, is also suitable for use in environments with increased humidity. 

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