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Hermes Schleifmittel is a founding member of “SEAM”, the sustainability programme of FEPA, umbrella organisation of European abrasive tool manufacturers

After years of commitment to quality and safety in the use and production of abrasive tools, the Hamburg-based company is now working with other European abrasive tool manufacturers within the framework of SEAM (Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers) to implement newly developed sustainability standards in the core areas of environment, labor and economy.

Dr. Jan Cord Becker, CEO of Hermes Schleifmittel GmbH and current president of the Association of European Abrasive Tool Manufacturers (FEPA), is one of the initiators of this European programme and attaches great importance to the topic at Hermes and all association members.

„The FEPA members cover 80% of the European abrasive tool production. Together we want to set the course for our industry to become even more sustainable. We want to define what priorities we are jointly setting in addition to the issues of safety and quality with regard to our ecological behaviour, social action and economic thinking", explains Dr. Jan Cord Becker. "With SEAM, we have created a transparent and binding program for all participating companies, which supports them on their way to sustainable growth and sustainable improvement of their production.“

In order to be included in the programme, SEAM members undertake to meet a number of minimum requirements at their European production sites, organised around the three pillars of sustainability: Environment, labor and economy. In addition, they pursue several evolving objectives within the three pillars as part of their membership. These are, for example, greater ecological efficiency with regard to energy, waste and the use of resources, the implementation of various measures to increase safety at work and protect the health of employees, or the continuous optimization of production processes. The achievement of the objectives must be documented and certified by FEPA.

A number of large, medium and small grinding tool manufacturers and suppliers have already joined SEAM. In principle, the program is open to all industry players and is constantly being further developed.

For Becker, membership of SEAM is a logical step in furthering Hermes' long-standing commitment to sustainable business practices: "Environmental protection and corporate responsibility have shaped Hermes' business policy for decades, and we believe this is more important today than ever before. With our environmental and social standards, which are the highest in the world, we can make an impact on the world from Europe. We as Hermes and all FEPA members can and must contribute to promoting these values worldwide.”

About SEAM

The Sustainable European Abrasive Manufacturers (SEAM) commit to continually improve their environmental, labor and production processes.

The SEAM program guarantees that SEAM members, all from within the abrasive supply value chain, manufacture, process, supply, distribute abrasives according to the sustainability standards with regards to environmental efficiency (waste, energy, resource), health and safety quality and innovative production processes.

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