New, highly-flexible Hermes ceramic grain grinding belt

A new product, CERAMIT® CR 476 J, has joined the Hermes CERAMIT® product family! 

What make this newly developed product special is its backing properties: 

  • Increased strain resistance gives smoother belt running
  • Reduced risk of belt breakage on robotic applications due to increased tear resistance in the transverse direction
  • Highly elastic properties
  • Synthetic cloth
  • The flexibility of the new type is between the CR 456 J-flex and CN 466 X-flex


  • High performance grinding of contoured workpieces
  • Particularly suitable for titanium, nickel and stainless steel
  • Stationary and hand-held belt grinding machines, especially suitable for grinding robotic systems
  • Dry sanding

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Brochure "Flexible grinding! Hermes range of grinding belts for grinding metal materials to shape"
(File size: 1200 KB)

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