No dust thanks to a network structure: Hermes MultiNet operates absolutely cleanly and extremely economically

Hermes Schleifmittel presents new net abrasive MultiNet MN 921 VEL for dust-free sanding

With its new MultiNet net abrasive, Hermes Schleifmittel is expanding its product range for dust-free sanding with a further high-performance variant.

Together with the successful products MultiHole and FineNet, the industry has a tailor-made product set available from a one-stop shop for every sanding application involving painting. Dust-free sanding guarantees higher performance, best surface qualities and optimum conditions for people and the environment.

The build-up of dust during sanding and the clogging of the abrasive resulting from this are a challenge for all applications in the paint shop. In particular, when sanding highly dusty materials such as fillers and primer, sanding dust has a negative effect on the sanding process in terms of quality and working environment. The same applies to the processing of aluminum and zinc-coated steel as well as composite materials such as CFRP and GFRP.

The new net abrasive MultiNet MN 921 VEL from Hermes Schleifmittel GmbH meets these challenges and, in addition to optimum conditions for people and materials, guarantees an efficient and therefore economical sanding process.

Product benefits you will appreciate

  • Full-surface dust extraction through MultiNet net structure extends the service life of the abrasive tool
  • The MultiNet net structure allows dust-free sanding and ensures optimal working conditions
  • The dust-free and always visible workpiece surface enables a fast and exact control of the final results
  • Extremely universally applicable – for manual sanding or on random orbital sanders as well as dry or wet
  • High edge stability
  • Easy disc change as no hole patterns need to be aligned
Art work Hermes Dust-free Product Set

The Hermes Dust-Free Product Set as required ...

Together with the already established Hermes MultiHole VC 154-Longlife VEL and FineNet MN 915 VEL products, the new MultiNet FN 921 VEL sanding net disc forms a powerful and universally applicable product set for all sanding applications in which dust is to be kept out, so that the surface quality is perfect and healthy, efficient work is possible.

While the MultiNet type is designed entirely for dust-free sanding and convinces with good performance data, the MultiHole types stand out in terms of stock removal and the FineNet products with an extremely high adaptability to workpiece contours and a "soft" sanding with very fine surface qualities.