BRILLIANCE Fine Cut & Deep Gloss

One-Step Polishing Compound, silicone-free

Product Benefits

  • Best results with only one product
  • Allows for a very fast working process
  • Universally applicable on all types of soft and scratch-resistant lacquers


  • Cut: 4 of 10 / Gloss: 8 of 10
  • For the hologram-free removal of sanding processes with grit size 3000 and finer, as well as for the removal of sanding marks and holograms of previous polishing steps
  • Applicable for using random orbital sander in combination with a medium polishing foam
  • Available in 5 liter canister, 1 liter and 250 ml bottles
  • Shake before use. Check for suitability and compatibility before use. Do not apply on hot surfaces. Protect from frost and excessive heat.

Product Structure


Forms of Delivery