BRILLIANCE Medium Cut & Gloss

Polishing Compound, silicone-free

Product Benefits

  • High degree of cut with a good degree of gloss
  • Low dust and spray development
  • Even with longer polishing this polishing compound does not burn in
  • Can be easily removed with a cloth wipe
  • Universally applicable for soft and scratch-resistant lacquer
  • Available in 5 liter canister, 1 liter and 250 ml bottles


  • Cut: 8 of 10 / Gloss: 5 of 10
  • For effective eliminating of scratches, overspray and sanding with grit size 2500 and finer
  • Applicable for using random orbital sander in combination with a hard and medium polishing foam
  • Better results by an additional polishing step with Hermes Antiholgram Polishing Compound BRILLIANCE Ultimate Gloss
  • Shake before use. Check for suitability and compatibility before use. Do not apply on hot surfaces. Protect from frost and excessive heat.

Product Structure


Forms of Delivery

Hermes Polierflüssigkeit Brilliance Medium Cut & Gloss