Hermes CBN crankshaft grinding wheels stand out where it really matters.

Product description

When used for grinding the pins and journals on crankshafts, Hermes crankshaft grinding wheels with segmented CBN coatings are characterized primarily by very high profile stability, something which is particularly apparent at the critical points on radii.

Hermes new high-performance V42 bond allowed the grinding properties of the CBN coating to be improved significantly.

Hermes superabrasives for external cylindrical plunge grinding can be used at operating speeds of up to 160 m/s. Despite high stock removal rates, excessive thermal load on the workpiece is avoided.

Compared to conventional grinding wheels, this results in significantly extended lifes for abrasives, in turn leading to reduced tooling-up times and tool costs. The consequence for our customers is a more economical grinding process. Hermes supplies these high-tech grinding wheels with an external diameter of up to 750 mm.

Hermes Solution

23B 151 Q7 V42 150

Operating speed
125 m/s

Example dimension
3A1 - 600/J275 x 40 x 140 - U20 - X8,5

Tempered steel (e.g. 42CrMo4)

Product benefits

  • Prevent thermal overloads on the workpiece despite extremely high metal removal rates
  • Save retooling time
  • High degree of profile stability
  • Long tool life
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced workpiece costs

Service you will appreciate

  • Competence as a system supplier, too – including dressing tools
  • Economical recoating of the basic bonded abrasive when CBN coatings are worn
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