The Hermes Automotive Program


[Translate to EN:] Hermes Schleiffolien für den Motorenbau

The “heart” of any vehicle, the engine, would not work without the high-precision machining of functional surfaces such as the bearing surfaces of crankshafts and camshafts, for example.

Hermes provides a one-stop shop for every abrasive required to achieve final values for dimension, concentricity, surface finish and percentage contact area. Hermes abrasives generate significant process benefits, all the way from initial grinding with CBN grinding wheels to the final superfinishing step using index-fed grinding film.


Press & Body shop

[Translate to EN:] Hermes HERMESIT-Schleifscheibe bei der Karosseriebearbeitung

Both production processes in bodywork manufacture and design conditions will require mechanical reworking of certain areas of bodywork as a function of vehicle model.

In this area, Hermes supplies an extensive selection of abrasives to create a surface which can be painted – everything from initial grinding to precision finishing – all to suit the enormous range of materials used.

Specific tool developments, such as HERMESIT® abrasive discs which are three-dimensional on the abrasive grain side, for example, guarantee constant surface roughness values of RZ < 8 µm over their extended service life; such values are absolutely essential for producing a surface which can be painted.



[Translate to EN:] Hermes MULTIHOLE-Scheibe für die Lackbearbeitung

The “exterior” of any vehicle is determined by a perfect, blemish-free painted surface. Even modern paint systems still require steps following filling, priming and top-coating in order to eliminate any paint blemishes or to prepare surfaces for a subsequent coating step.

Hermes supplies a large selection of abrasives to suit the painting materials and the method required up to and including the Hermes polishing system. Modern tool systems such as the MULTIHOLE system, for example, take account of the requirement for dust-free grinding as well as for improved tool lives.


Automatically better!

[Translate to EN:] Hermes Schleifroboter beim Exzenterschliff

More and more often the grinding tasks mentioned above are performed by grinding robots. Hermes has installed a robotic cell in its own technical center in Hamburg specifically for the further development of its product portfolio for automated grinding processes.

As part of our service activities at the Hermes Abrasives Institute, we offer Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fenstercustomers practical training and Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensteradvice on process optimization as well as Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensterproblem solving on site.

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