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Discs: webrax-AN 701 50

Powerful, cloth-reinforced non-woven discs with aluminum oxide grain
Product benefits
  • Silk matte glossy metal finishes due to aluminum oxide abrasive grit
  • Low clogging behavior
  • For universal applications: dry and wet (water-, emulsion- and oil-resistant)
  • Does not break through auto body parts when sanding
  • Good Velcro adhesion for stable clamping setup
Automotive body shop:
  • Manual defect grinding of surfaces
    • Steel
Tank and vessel construction:
  • Grinding out small surface defects and finishing
    Metal working:
    • Weld seam and surface defect grinding with angle grinders
      Product design
      webrax-AN 701 50
      Aluminum oxide
      Non-woven web, reinforced with cloth
      Grit range:
      + 80/100/180/280/800
      Stock programme Discs: webrax-AN 701 50 (Ø x Ø)

      Without holes

    • 4 1/2" mm
    • 5" mm
    • 6" mm
    • With middle hole

    • 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" mm
    • 5" x 5" mm
    • Pictogram - material qualification steel very suitable
      Pictogram - material qualification stainless steel very suitable
      Pictogram - material qualification high-alloy steel suitable
      Pictogram - material qualification non-ferrous metal suitable
      Pictogram - material qualification titanium suitable
      Very suitable

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