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Learn more about the service and consulting we offer for your individual optimization program.

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Using process optimization and targeted consulting, we can improve your grinding processes in terms of productivity, cost-effectiveness and quality.

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Our aim is not only to convey know-how, but also to show and train you or your team in specific detail how to use theoretical and practical know-how correctly – adapted to your requirements. That applies to our flexible abrasive as well as our grinding tools.

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Our aim is not only to convey knowledge, but to specifically show and train how you or your team can correctly apply theoretical and practical know-how - adapted to your requirements. This applies to both flexible abrasives and grinding tools.

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Hands-on: our technical center in Hamburg

A practical test demonstrates the extent to which theory can be implemented. Using a wide range of different grinding machines in the Hermes Abrasives Institute, we are able to simulate and analyze a large number of customer applications or carry out practical training on them. This includes hand sanding operations, flat or round grinding applications and stationary and/or robot-supported applications.