A wide variety of high-quality grain products.

Aluminum oxide grains "Made by Hermes" are based on our decades of experience both in producing grain (by wet and dry grading and then refining with thermal treatment) and in coating the surface of aluminium oxide-based grains.

This enables us to supply our customers with tailor-made solutions within a broad range of products of consistently very high quality.

Grain products are supplied in the qualities pure aluminum oxide, semi-pure aluminum oxide and normal aluminum oxide, in the form of macrogrit or microgrit to FEPA's P or F standard. It goes without saying that we are also able to produce specific grain distributions on customer request - just ask your Hermes expert.

You will find Hermes grain products in bonded and loose form both on coated abrasives for abrasive processes and as a wear protection layer in a wide variety of coatings and laminate flooring products.

Product overview

Grain qualities

Friable Aluminum oxide

Product properties

  • White, highly pure aluminum oxide
  • Extremely hard and brittle - the highest tendency to splinter of all types of grain
  • Production of the microgrits by the wet grading process results in a steep grain distribution with consistent quality
  • Good wetting characteristics in liquid media


  • Machining of wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics and rubber
  • Outstandingly suitable as a hardening additive to increase the resistance to wear and abrasion of laminate flooring


Pure aluminum oxide is produced by the block method by smelting special alumina in an electric arc furnace.

Semi-friable Aluminum oxide

Product properties

  • Brown aluminum oxide with a low titanium dioxide content
  • Tougher than pure aluminum oxide but splinters more than normal aluminum oxide
  • Production of the microgrits by the wet grading process results in a steep grain distribution with consistent quality
  • Specially-developed surface coating means outstanding scatter characteristics
  • Thermal treatment (blue firing) can be used in the macrogrit range to increase toughness significantly


  • Used in bonded abrasives, e.g. for cutting wheels for surface and cylindrical grinding of heat-sensitive materials
  • On abrasive paper, particularly suitable for machining the surface of metals, wood, plastics and paints
  • Following thermal treatment, suitable for machining high-alloy steels and for grinding under extreme conditions


Semi-friable aluminum oxide is a brown aluminium oxide with a low titanium dioxide content which is produced by controlled smelting of special bauxite in an arc furnace at over 2,000 °C.

Regular Aluminum oxide

Product properties

  • Lowest tendency to splinter of all aluminum oxides
  • A special surface treatment in the production of coated abrasives results in outstanding scatter characteristics
  • High-temperature treatment results in high toughness
  • Production of the microgrits by the wet grading process results in a steep grain distribution with consistent quality 


On coated abrasives, used primarily for roughing, cleaning and deburring non-hardened and tempered steels, wrought iron, ingot iron and soft iron, together with steel, grey and malleable castings by hand or by machine.


Regular aluminum oxide is obtained from high-quality bauxites by the block method by reduction melting in an arc furnace.

DEK (Micro)
DEK (Macro)

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