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Well-sanded is half-sealed

Do you need professional sanding tools for a wide range of machine types and wood species for the professional sanding of high-quality parquet floors?
Whether sanding rolls or belts for floor sanding machines or single- or double-sided discs and cleaning discs for single-disc sanding machines?

Then you are right here.
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Your applications, our product recommendations:

Initial, intermediate and fine sanding with single-disc sanding machines

Single and double-sided discs

Discs: BW 184, velour-backed

Powerful, very stable and velour-backed zirconia alumina discs

Discs: BS 118

Very edge-stable silicon carbide discs

Discs: BS 118 VEL

Very edge-stable, velour-backed silicon carbide discs

Fiber discs

Fiber discs: RB 314 fibre

Powerful aluminum oxide fiber disc

Sandscreen discs

webrax non-woven cleaning floor pads

Machine parquet sanding with floor sanding machines

Abrasive rolls on clamping rollers

Rolls: RB 320 X

Cloth abrasive rolls with aluminum oxide abrasive grit and strong edges for universal applications

Abrasive belts

Belts, narrow: RB 320 X

Cloth abrasive belts with aluminum oxide abrasive grain and strong edges for universal applications

Belts, narrow: RB 480 24 YX

High-performance, medium-flexible cloth abrasive belts with zirconia alumina abrasive grain

More product recommendations for your grinding application:

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