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Do you need to prepare wood surfaces perfectly for subsequent lacquering? Do you need not only the right abrasive process, but also a cost-effective solution?

Then you've come to the right place.

Your application, our product recommendations:

Lacquer processing on long belt sanding machines
Belts, narrow: BS 119-Longlife
Belts, narrow: Brilliance Film FC 164 Longlife, VEL

Powerful, very edge-stable and tear-resistant aluminum oxide film belts with anti-clogging coating

Belts, narrow: FB 637

Highly tear-resistant abrasive film belts with aluminum oxide grain

Lacquer processing on wide belt sanding machines
Belts, wide: BW 110

Powerful, edge-stable and antistatic paper-backed aluminum oxide wide belt

Belts, wide: BW 114

Tear-resistant, antistatic aluminum oxide wide paper belt for high loads

Belts, wide: BS 118

Very edge-stable, antistatic silicon carbide paper wide belt

Belts, wide: BS 119-Longlife

Highly flexible, antistatic silicon carbide wide paper belts

Manual lacquer sanding
Discs: VC 151-Longlife VEL

Flexible and tear-resistant aluminium oxide discs with additional active ingredient coating

Discs: VC 154-Longlife VEL

Light weight velour-backed paper discs with anti-clogging coating

Discs: Brilliance Film FC 164-Longlife VEL

Powerful, very edge-stable and tear-resistant aluminum oxide film discs with anti-clogging coating

Strips: SF 168

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