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Hermes-webrax-UW: Multi-talent for efficient & flexible metal processing


The product range "Hermes webrax-UW" is completely new in the Hermes portfolio: Unitized, highly compressed non-woven abrasive wheels, suited for a wide range of grinding tasks thanks to their long service life and excellent stock removal.

Whether deburring, cleaning or finishing: With the comprehensive product range from Hermes, you will find the right solution for your requirements.

The portfolio includes different qualities, sizes and fastening systems for use on hand-held, stationary or automated grinding machines.

These advantages are unbeatable:

✅  Excellent surface results when cleaning, deburring, blending or finishing/polishing.

✅  Very long tool life with consistent high quality results

✅ Universal use on all metal types and grinding machines

✅ Highly flexible preventing deformation of the workpiece

✅ No smearing or discoloration of the workpiece, which reduces the need for additional cleaning and preparation work

✅ First-class price-performance ratio


You want to learn morre?

Check out our product flyer or or get an overview of the entire product range in our programme brochure.

Would you like to test the new unitized wheels?

Then contact the Hermes sales representative responsible for you.

Or take a look into our product video:

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