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Title picture current situation at Hermes with Coronavirus

Current development at Hermes on the topic "Corona virus"

In the last few weeks the spread of the "coronavirus" has developed dramatically and rapidly into a pandemic, with immense consequences for the health of all people, public life and the global economy.

As of today, availability, quality and on-time delivery of all products have been maintained

Despite this negative development, we are very pleased and grateful that so far, thanks to the preventive activities we have taken in a timely manner, we have managed to maintain all our business activities without negative impact on the availability, quality and timely delivery of all our products worldwide.

Of course, we at Hermes will continue to focus our efforts on the following two points, in compliance with all international and national directives in all the countries where we operate:

  1. The safety of our customers, partners and employees around the world
  2. The continuity of our production and the delivery of products to all customers worldwide

For this reason, the internal task force for Coronavirus, which has been active for several weeks now, will
continuously reassess current developments with regard to risks on a daily basis and initiate all necessary measures.

We are aware that the situation is extremely dynamic and that all our activities, which have been successful so far, will not automatically succeed in the coming days and weeks. There is no such thing as 100% certainty and guarantee - what we can assure you is that we will do everything we can to prevent any interruption of supply to our customers.

Stay healthy and get through this difficult Corona time well!

Kind regards

Dr. Jan Cord Becker



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