Title Article VDIZ Hard Finishing Gear Components 08-2020

Hard-fine grinding of gear components

Subject: Gear honing and grinding

Editorial in VDI-Z magazine

Issue: 07-08 2020

Author: Dr. André Wagner

Language: Deutsch

Source: www.vdi-z.de

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Titel image editorial in Werkstatt & Betrieb High-Performance Grinding 01-2020

Performance to the limit

Subject: High-performance grinding

Editiorial in Magazine Werkstatt & Betrieb

Issue: 01-2020

Author: Dr. Tim Göttsching

Language: German

Source: www.werkstatt-betrieb.de

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Titel photo Editorial Diamond Business Light-Core 06-2019

Innovative light-weight bodies for bonded abrasives

Subject: Production Bonded Abrasives

Editiorial in Magazine Diamond Business

Issue: 06-2019

Authors: Dr. Tim Göttsching, Dr. Florian Despang

Language: German

Source: www.diamond-business.de

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Titel photo Editorial Gear Grinding w+b 06-2019

Process design follows demand

Subject: Gear grinding

Editorial in Magazine Werkstatt + Betrieb

Issue: 06-2019

Authors: Dr. André Wagner, Enrico Kaminsky

Language: German

Source: www.werkstatt-betrieb.de 

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Titel photo press release Hermes Schleifmittel staff info Göttsching+Wagner

Staff Information

Subject: New positions for even more user orientation at Hermes Abrasives

Press Release Hermes Schleifmittel GmbH

Issue: 05-2019

Language: German

Press Release (Original) ...

Press Contact

Jörn Rybiczka, Head of Corporate Marketing

Tel.: +49 (0)40 8330-431
Fax: +49 (0)40 8330-5431
E-Mail: j.rybiczka@hermes-schleifmittel.com

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