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Low-noise gears in demand for e-mobility!

Noise, vibration and harshness values in electric motor gearboxes are decisive quality criteria for manufacturers and buyers.

The surface quality of gears has a significant influence on the noise behaviour but also on the efficiency and service life of the gear.

The Hermes solutions for you: PROFINE and CERFINE honing rings as well as highly productive CERFINE/CERMIC combi worm wheels.

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Three topics - one mission

With SEAM even more sustainability in the abrasives industry.

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Status quo at Hermes on "Corona virus" highly pleasing.

We at Hermes are very pleased and grateful that, as of today, we have been able to maintain all our business activities worldwide without any major negative impact on the availability, quality and on-time delivery of our products.

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Rz < 1 Micrometer?

Our versatile CERMIC abrasive tools are designed for fine grinding with Rz values <1 µm and for high precision applications.

The grain fineness of these ceramic bonded tools reaches down to the single-digit micrometer range. 

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Plus 300% performance

The high performance type CERAMIT CR 176 proves to be a real "removal wonder" when repair grinding stainless steel thick plates. An up to plus 300% performance compared to conventional types speaks for itself.

A stable paper backing ensures optimum backing stability and abrasive additives ensure a low grinding temperature.

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Dust-free sanding

Wherever dust is to be kept out during sanding, our MultiNet discs show what they can do.

The result: an extremely economical grinding process under optimum, dust-free working conditions.

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