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H.A.I Consulting –
Process optimization for your benefit.

Process optimization and Lean consulting are the key components which can improve your abrasive processes in terms of productivity, profitability and quality.

Our experienced consultants at H.A.I Consulting combine holistic analysis with modern measuring and analysis techniques on your own premises, using knowledge transfer which delivers not only reliable data and measured results, but also genuine competitive advantages.

At the Hermes Abrasives Institute, an extensive range of grinding/sanding machines allows us to imitate a wide variety of customer applications, simulating and analyzing applications in the process.

Coated Abrasives


  • Understand your issue
  • Analyze your actual abrasive processes on site
  • Develop and evaluate potential solutions
  • Support you in implementing new solutions
  • Present results and train your staff


  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced costs for your abrasive process
  • Process stability
  • Reduced reject material
  • Optimized surface quality

Lean consulting


  • Analyze the initial situation
  • Determine and prioritize potential
  • Observe the process and apply Lean methods (e.g. SMED)
  • Derive measures and provide support in implementing them
  • Introduce/adapt and provide training in standards
  • Training in Lean methods and principles


  • Improved setting up times and machine availability
  • Reduced logistics complexity
  • Standards prevent faults
  • Lean methods become second nature; they can be applied independently

Further services related to your abrasive processes

Training – Turning theory into outstanding practice.
Manuals – The manual for your abrasive processes.

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